Best Hosting For Beginners

Hey, do you want to start your own website? Are you ready to build your online presence?

Then you will definitely need a web hosting. In this article I will share you the best hosting company.

What is web hosting?

In simple words Web hosting is like your home. You have a space where you live and keep your essentials and almost everything you need.

It’s same in web world. The place you keep your web assets like images,HTML,CSS,JS and more stuff.

What to look when choosing a web hosting.

There are many things that you need to see while getting a hosting packages for your website.

Basically see these things

  1. Speed
  2. Affordability
  3. Security
  4. Support

Read the full guide on How to choose the best hosting for you.

Let’s see what the best hosting for beginners.

It’s none other than Hostinger.

Why hostinger is best hostinger for beginners?

1. Beginner Friendly

Hostinger is very beginner’s friendly. Even if you are building your first website you will face little to no problem.

2. Speed

Speed is necessary for both user experience and SEO.

If hostinger is not the fastest then it’s not the slowest. Hostinger never disappoint me with the speed.

3. Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important thing to check before purchasing a hosting.

Hostinger has a uptime of 99.95% (on average, may vary). This is a really great score considering the price.

4. Affordable

Hostinger is one of the most affordable option in the market.

For US price is $71.(Subject to change)(Last updated on October 24,2020)

In India the cost is around ₹3,243 for 12 months. (Subject to change)(Last updated on October 24,2020)

5. Easy to Use Interface

They don’t provide cPanel. Instead they have hPanel.

Interface is really very beginner friendly.

One problem is the interface is really slow. That’s where hostinger need to work.

6. Support

Support is really amazing. You have the feature of live chat.

Response time depends on many factors and I will not comment on it but my queries was solved under 20 minutes.


So in this article I have discussed the best hosting for beginners. I have been hosting my sites on hostinger for really long and I am satisfied with the value we are getting considering the price.

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